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The Right Time to get your Car Serviced

Everyone who owns a car must keep their vehicle in good shape and condition. Majority of the car owners follow the basic rule of getting the car serviced once a year. Ignoring everything else, they just get the car serviced one time in the whole year and are done with it. Various times your vehicle may need repairing or servicing more than once a year. Many people ignore this but doing so can lead to an expensive affair later. So, instead of following the basic law of getting the car serviced once a year you should look for signs and symptoms in case there is something wrong with the car and get it serviced whenever needed.

You can easily book car service online in Bangalore and get your car repaired or service hassle-free in no time. There may be various signs or symptoms concerning your car that you need to be alert about, especially if you are among those people who skip on car servicing very often. Different signs that indicate your car needs service are highlighted below:

  • Weird Noises

Many times a car starts making unusual weird noises. You must quickly get it examined by an expert before it turns into a grave problem. There are different kinds of noises that your car can make like very loud exhaust note, under bonnet whining, gears crunching, coarse engine noise, screeching metal sounds, weird noise while braking, etc among various others.

  • Engine Light

Thanks to technology, modern cars have become very high tech and a lot of information is displayed in the Instrument Cluster of the car beside the basic information like speed, fuel level, etc. So whenever a troubleshoot light appears on the dashboard of the car you know there is some problem and you need to get it checked from an expert. The instrument cluster highlights various problems like check engine, fuel leak, faulty brakes, etc. Some cars also indicate the time or the numbers of kilometres left to get your car serviced.

  • Faulty Braking

In this case, the car feels unstable or vibrating when brakes are applied. There can be multiple reasons that can cause this such as broken disc-pads, issues in the suspension, steering issues, etc. Due to this problem, the tyres of the car are also affected so you need to get them checked as well.

  • Overheating

When the car is overheating there may be steam or smoke coming out of the bonnet of the car and this indicates faulty radiator. If there is only steam coming out of the bonnet then the problem is not very severe but still, you must get your car examined right away without any delay. If you are driving the car and notice that engine temperature is very high then stop the car immediately and wait for some time for it to get back to normal.

These are a few of the most prominent signs that your car needs service. You can opt for online car service in Bangalore and get your car serviced in no time. Pitstop is one of the best and renowned car services in Bangalore.

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