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All You Need to Know About an Emerald

The greenish emerald stone is hugely popular among people who wear astrological stones. The benefits of wearing the same are also quite well-known. But in case you are a newbie in this area here are some interesting information about this exciting stone.

The emerald is also known as beryl stone. Other names for the stone include panna in Hindi and Mrakatmani in Sanskrit. Not just green, you can find the stone in other colours also like red, white and green because of the presence of chromium in it. The stone is otherwise quite hard and the moh scale measures 7.5 to 8.  The stone channelizes the positive rays of the planet Mercury because it is the ruling planet of the stone. The planet has a lot of magical properties which the wearer of the stone benefits from hugely.

Benefits of wearing the stone

  • The emerald stone can be worn only when advised by an astrologer. Mercury rules intellect and wisdom. So, the wearer benefits from the same by placing the stone on his finger. The positive rays of the planet enter the body of the wearer after passing through the stone. The wearer gets rid of all negativity from his or her life. Therefore, you should continue wearing the same.
  • By wearing the emerald stone, people usher in a good phase of happiness in married life. They also get extremely lucky by wearing the stone. You can buy emerald stone online after viewing the originality certificate attached by the seller. This certificate of authenticity is very important because it protects you from fake ones and ensures that the money is not lost.
  • People who are into trade or government jobs should consider wearing this stone because it will help them perform better. They can improve their chances of profit in business and promotion at work.
  • In case you are suffering from mental distress or depression, then also, you should do well to buy emerald stone online and wear.

Should you wear the stone?

The emerald is a harmless stone as such because it will not destroy your life if you wear it even if you do not need it. However, consultation with a professional astrologer will ensure whether it is truly auspicious for you. The emerald is the birth stone for most people born in the month of May. Therefore, if it truly your birth stone then you are likely to get more benefits by wearing the stone rather than anyone. Students in any field are extremely likely to get benefitted by wearing the stone because studies are related to concentration and mind. Mercury is closely linked with increasing the intellect of the person wearing the same. People who are into government jobs will benefit from wearing this stone. Also, if you facing challenges in your married life then the emerald might actually ease some of the hardships. It is a great stone that works towards creating a harmony at home. It helps in solving misunderstandings between couples.

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