How We Can Solve QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 30159

QuickBooks Error Code 30159 may happen when you are tackling your affiliation’s accounts. This is a money error and may in like manner happen when you are invigorating or refreshing a fund. This blog will cover why you get this screw up, for what reason does it appear, what happens when it occurs, and how to examine QuickBooks Error Code 30159. By scrutinizing this post, you will get all the Quickbooks Online Support significant information close to the ways to deal with fixing it.

Why Occur QuickBooks Error Code 30159 

QuickBooks Error Code 30159 may occur in light of the fact that the record game plan in Windows is misguided. Various components that can incite QuickBooks Error 30159 are-

  • QuickBooks foundation process is divided. 
  • A program related to accounting devices has been deleted. 
  • Degenerate Windows system archive. 
  • Employer Identification Number status can occur QuickBooks Error Code 30159. 
  • Some issues have occurred in QB foundation. 
  • Windows isn’t revived. 
  • You are using the non-revived type of QuickBooks Payroll. 
  • Demolished Windows enlistment archives. 
  • Misconfigured Windows record. 

Signs of QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 30159 

  • Program window mishaps and QuickBooks Error Code 30159 flashes on the screen. 
  • At the point when this glitch happens, the PC crashes over and over. 
  • Program freezes or becomes dormant again and again close by the slip-up message being appeared on the screen. 
  • Your PC ends up being moderate when appearing differently in relation to its average speed.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 30159 

Various game plans are available to fix QuickBooks Error code 30159 – 

1. First Is Restore your Desktop 

  • You can Directly sign in with the chief record.  
  • In the request field on the base left of your screen, type the words structure restore. 
  • The Structure Restore window will get opened. 
  • Quest for the elective that restores your PC to a past time. 
  • Pick the above decision. 
  • As of now, scan for Next Catch and snap at it. 
  • Reboot PC.

2. Add EIN to QB association archive 

  • To the exclusion of everything else, login into your QuickBooks. 
  • However, you can investigate the Payroll decision. 
  • Now you can Find the other option using my current account organization. 
  • Pick this other option and a window with the name Account Maintenance will appear on your screen. 
  • Now you can Quest for the Add report catch and snap on it. 
  • Find the radio catch close by the Add EIN number. 
  • Fill the following catch choice to close the window. 
  • At long last, evaluate information and come back to the common QuickBooks window. 

3. Yield for issues 

  • You can Download and present QB Payroll error utility. 
  • At the point when the establishment completes and the utility window is opened, look for a choice sweep catch and snap to a similar choice. 
  • License the checking strategy to wrap up. 
  • By and by, click on the Fix QB errores catch and let the strategy complete. 
  • Finally, after the strategy has been finished, reboot your PC. 
  • By and by, check whether QuickBooks Payroll goof 30159 is appearing or not. 

4. Run Disk Cleanup 

  • If you are currently using Windows 8 or 8.1 then you can follow these methods
  • Directly off the bat, go to My Computer. 
  • By then, scan for Settings and snap on it. 
  • Quest for Control Panel and snap on it. 
  • By and by, pick Administrative Tools. 
  • Snap to circle cleanup alternative. 
  • Go to the overview of drives. 
  • Now you can Go to the overview of records to eradicate. 
  • By and by, you have to pick which records you have to clean by running Disk Cleanup. 
  • Finally, click on the OK get and a while later on the Delete archives button. 
  • In case you are using Windows 10 then you can follow these methods.
  • Hit the Enter key. 
  • Go to the summary of drives. 
  • By and by, you have to pick which drive you have to clean by running Disk Cleanup. 
  • Now you can Go to the summary of records to eradicate. 
  • By and by, you have to pick which records you have to clean by running Disk Cleanup. 
  • Finally, click on the OK get and a short time later on the Delete records button. 


In this blog, we are providing the best and effective steps to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 30159. I hope this blog will help you to fix QuickBooks Error code 30159. If any of the mentioned steps do not work in your case then contact our QB experts at QuickBooks Support to resolve the issues related to QuickBooks quickly and easily related to QuickBooks Support or its products such as QuickBooks Hosting, POS Premier and many more.

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