15 kVA Generator

15 kVA Generator on Rent

The 15 kVA generator is to be had inside the marketplace with one in each of a type logo together with Koel, Honda, Cooper, Kohler, Cummins, etc. These types of Gensets are used for business and commercial purposes. Such small size Genset is simple to shift from one place to every other region. The generator produces high strength output because of the effective Genset engine.

Specification of 15kVA DG set:

BrandKirloskar, honda, Mahindra, koel, Kohler, etc
Power rating15 kVA
OutputSingle-phase, three-phase
TypeAutomatic, semi-automatic
No. of cylinder2or 3
Method of coolingAir and water cooling
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClass H
Voltage320 V
ApplicationCommercial and industrial

Features of 15kVA Genset:

  • Best in class gasoline efficiency
  • Lowest protection and trouble unfastened product
  • Quick and less expensive doorstep company coverage
  • Unmatched space efficiency
  • Best block Load capability
  • The cutting-edge technical Design of the Genset for clean and rapid accessibility.
  • Work-performance of the Genset is high.
  • Provide smooth, reliable & inexperienced energy
  • Easy first of all controller-based smooth push start
  • The Genset is to be had within the three-phase and Single phase.
  • Rugged & strong layout of DG sets.

List of some15 kVA Genset on rent

The 15 kVA diesel Genset price costs we provide may be very affordable & low in cost. Also, you may pick the best brand in 15 kVA Genset. Because of the current 15 kVA, DG Set specification & availability in each single-segment Genset & three-segment generator, make them more reliable for all applications.

Silent Genset

Brand availability: Mahindra, Honda, Koel, Eicher, etc

Output: single-phase or Three-phase

Fuel for engine: Petrol, Diesel, Natural gas

Application: commercial and small industrial

3-phase Kirloskar Genset

Brand availability: Mahindra, Honda, Koel, Eicher, etc

Output: Three-phase

Fuel for engine: Diesel

Application: commercial and small industrial

You should know before hiring a Genset:

A generator that you need means immediately you get entry to the strength. You’ll get an appropriate product you need due to the fact you’ll have a team of professionals that will help you make that evaluation and fitness is considered one in every of many top-tier alternatives on your needs. The fine art of all? When your painting is done, you get to go again to the generator, and you’re now not out a large charge to repair a quick problem.

  • Before taking a generator on rent usually gets exquisite the generator has been extraordinarily nicely examined with a load bank for correct approaches preceding to shipment.
  • The 15 KVA generators want to be washed, smooth and visually tested. Rental customers have a tendency to want religion in a generator tool that appears unheard of.
  • The generator is to be well maintained and all fluids and filters ought to be in the proper position. The continuous ordinary service is normally the duty of the customers but the rental corporation should make certain that the duty is installation upon and understood.
  • Check the carbon monoxide production degree of the generator. Always carry out generators exterior and far from buildings, homes.
  • To lease a generator You should select a reliable dealer for having a pleasant deal.
  • Make fantastic the issuer offers all the right add-ons to apply the generator safely.


The generators are best for Commercial, business and business purposes. The Genset also can be taken on lease to supply power generators. Different kinds of fuel can be applied in an engine. The 15kVA engine is designed for much less fuel consumption. Generators used in growing areas and in places in which strength lines are not available and wherein blackouts can purpose particularly brilliant or dangerous troubles are very important.

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