How to manage WooCommerce inventory with plugins

For those who are frustrated with low productivity and sales, WooCommerce finds inventory management stressful, which is very important for a store owner, let’s teach you Woocommerce Inventory Management here in this article.

In fact, you will be quite surprised to see how simple, effective and efficient WooCommerce inventory or stock management is with the help of plugins.

1. Smart Manager

Smart Manager is a very popular WooCommerce inventory management plugin. It gives you the power to manage products, customers, and orders efficiently. This has provided breakthrough results for WooCommerce store owners.

Top Features

  • Bulk update

Using this feature, you can update 1000 products, variations, orders, coupons, posts, bookings, subscriptions or your entire store in seconds without any hassle. It can be additions, updates or deletions.

  • Automatic calculations

This tool allows you to manage all calculations from a single dashboard without having to do it for individual products, you can enter the same type of calculation you want to do. 

2. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is also a popular multichannel inventory management and order management software. Tradegecko has the capability to integrate with WooCommerce and many other platforms. It is more oriented towards physical products.

Top features

  • Inventory control

View your entire product list and organize them using filters. Take care of inventory, sales orders, locations, etc. by hand.

  • Inventory optimization

You get a forecast of demand about your inventory, what stock you should have at that time.

  • Accounting integration

You can create invoices from orders, as well as buy and sell in multiple currencies, etc.

3. Woocommerce Rapid Stock Manager

This plugin permits you to quickly update the size of your stock inventory and variants, displaying everything within one screen. This WooCommerce bulk stock management plugin is available at CodeCanyon.

Top features

  • Batch update

You can update a single as well as variable products from a single location.

  • Stock report 

View your complete product list from one place – the total amount of products in stock, the total amount of products with less stock.

  • Multiple warehouse management 

Add multiple warehouses and transfer and manage stock to the main inventory stock.

4. Orderhive Inventory Management

OrderHive is a SaaS-based inventory management software for multi-channel online vendors. It provides a warehouse management facility through which you can manage multiple warehouses with flexible stock policies, stock transfer and easy integration of your accounting software.

Top features

  • Simplified product management

Get a single virtual storage dashboard to manage thousands of SKUs, multiple stores.

  • Complete product catalog management

Create and manage simple, variable and bundled products. Bulk import and export product information, product and barcode print, manage inventory by location.

  • To-the-point inventory visibility

Track where your stock is, who is committed to it and for what reason. All in real-time and real numbers.

  • Just-in-time operations

This plugin helps you to minimize every small risk of overselling and underselling on every incoming or outgoing inventory.

5. Zoho

Zoho is a cloud-based inventory management software. This plugin helps you to synchronize all your WooCommerce commands. Zoho has also partnered with the best shipping carriers worldwide.

Top features

  • Centralized inventory

You can update your inventory volume across all your sales channels whenever a sale occurs.

  • Automatic re-ordering

This feature enables you to set re-order points, reminders, and preferred vendors for your products to avoid untimely stock-outs.

  • Barcode inventory management

Scan the barcode of items and see Auto-populate fields every time you create an invoice, sale or purchase order.

  • Serial number tracking

Identify each item on your list with a code and track your movement from purchase to sale.

6. WooCommerce Stock Manager

WooCommerce Stock Manager gives you a single screen to manage all your product stocks and their variables.

Top features

  • Stock report

WooCommerce Stock Manager gives you a single screen to manage all your product stocks and their variables.

  • Product filtering

This plugin also allows you to filter products by type, category, stock management, or stock status. Using this you can also sort product by SKU or number.

  • Import / Export

It export all stock data from your e-shop, edit them and import them back with a CSV file.

7. Veeqo WooCommerce Order & Inventory Management

Veeqo WooCommerce helps retailers automate their entire back office. You can manage orders, ship to customers, sync inventory across multiple sales channels in real-time, view detailed reports and take tight warehouse controls – all in a single, easy-to-use form from the platform.

Top features

Warehouse inventory transfer

Create a ware-to-ware transfer that knows the exact stock level for both locations when sending and receiving – including inventory that is currently in transit.

  • Automated purchasing management

You can sync everything in your accounting software as well as organize, forecast, ship and track orders, book in stock. 

  • Inventory automation rules

You can control how much inventory you can display for each of your sales channels by setting automated rules. Choose to place an ad in your list, as a minimum quantity or as a percentage.

  • Streamline your accounting

Using this you can buy sync inventory, sales, and data from every channel directly from your Zero, QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop accounting software.

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