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Some Talks About Slow Carbs Diet Plans!!

We all wish to stay healthy and live a good and healthy life Carbs Diet. But, we all also know that to live such life we have to also follow some of the diet plans. Then, the question that arrives in our mind is that which will be the best diet plan for us. As there are lots of diet plans offered to you nowadays. So, it becomes difficult to choose between all those diet plans. So, we go through Google search or a diet nutritionist. But, even if they suggest a perfect diet for us, there still remains a question about such a specific diet. So, today in this article we will specifically talk about one such article named a slow carb diet. Now, if your nutritionist might have suggested you this diet then there might be lots of question running in your mind such as what is slow carb diet, what to eat in this diet, what are its effects and side effects, and so on. So, in this article, I will try to answer each and every question that comes to your mind related to a slow carb diet. So, let’s get started with the article as follows.

What Is The Meaning Of Slow Carb Diet?

The meaning of a slow-carb diet can be generally defined as the diet that is high in “good” carbohydrates (such as vegetables and whole grains) and low in “bad” ones (such as chocolates, chips, cookies). Walter Willett, M.D., chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, says that “its the middle ground between diets that are packed with protein, which promise satiety, and those loaded with fiber, which is the most nutritious”. but, to be honest, that’s, not the whole story.

What To Eat And Avoid In Slow Carb Diet?

This is the most important question everybody asks for. As this is the main part of your diet. And, this eats and avoids things should be followed strictly. So, here in this article, I have tried to list out some of the things that you should avoid and some of the things you should eat. Whereas, the list can be listed out as follows.

Things you should avoid eating in slow carbs diet:

  • bread and grains
  • starchy vegetables (corns, potato, sweet potato, beets)
  • pasta
  • cereal
  • sweetened yogurt
  • beer
  • beans and legumes
  • juice
  • honey or sugar in any form
  • chips and crackers
  • milk

Things you should eat in a slow carbs diet:

  • egg whites with 1-2 whole eggs
  • fish
  • pork
  • lentils
  • red beans
  • black beans
  • soybeans
  • spinach
  • green beans
  • asparagus
  • butter
  • ghee
  • nuts such as almonds
  • salt
  • herbs
  • garlic salt
  • white truffle sea salt


I hope that all your doubts related to the slow-carb diet may have been cleared out with the help of this article, and also I hope that you may get as much as beneficiary possible with this diet.

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