Bong Weddings

8 Unknown facts about Bong Weddings

The banquet halls in Kolkata have seen the loudest of weddings in the town. But a Bengali Wedding has the deepest secrets in the town. 

Not only the catering, but bongs have few typically existing things on their big day. 

They never settle for one

If you are the owner of one of the banquet halls in Kolkata or catering service, then do not believe that your Bengali client is only seeing you as an option for the big day. 

Believe it when we say, if they book you then you are the eighth option on their list. 

They need everything big

The vast families of Kolkata, cannot settle for anything small. Neither small cars for travelling to the wedding venue, nor can they adjust in a small venue. 

They need a huge venue for everyone to fit in comfortably, and a big bus to travel along to the best food. 

Rajanigandha is mandatory

The Decoration of the banquet halls in Kolkata has one common ingredient. That is Rajanigandha. The beautiful white colour of the flower has a beautiful smell too.

Red is the compulsory

If you have seen a bong bride, then you know what I am talking about. Yes, every Banquet hall in Kolkata needs to have at least 10 brides wearing red benarasi, per year. 

Yes, that is true and real. The Benarasi Saree has to be of red colour, or they might also settle for deep pink. 

They want the best food

The first thing that has to be corrected and dealt with in a bong Wedding is catering. Much before the banquet halls in Kolkata, they start finding the best catering option. 

Can’t settle without fish

Probably this is a universally known fact, that Bengali and fish is an inseparable bond of eternal love. Every Wedding in the banquet halls in Kolkata had the smelled the lovely taste of Macher Kalia, Paturi or Malai Kari at hundred times in their tenure.

The caterers had to visit through many menu options, but one thing’s engraved in golden letters, that is fish. They use it as a weapon, against the vast appetite of every Bengali person. 

Rosogolla is their weakness

The city of joy has created an enormous amount of food, but mostly the best dessert in the world. The banquet halls in Kolkata compulsorily saw the biggest chains and buckets of the one and only Rosogolla. 

Every catering has to have Rosogolla as one of the desserts on their menu. If it is a Bengali Wedding then there is no doubt that Rosogolla needs to be served right on the plate.

Paan masala is the drug

Bengali people need something to digest the awesome catering food. The Paan masala is somewhat a drug in all the banquet halls in Kolkata. The drug is supplied as the last dish inside slip bags or plastic envelopes.

Which they either stuff inside the purse for later binge or use it instantly for having an amazing food experience. The catering might forget to serve mutton for the second time, but paan masala is just the main ingredient of the menu card. 

The banquet halls in Kolkata witnessed weddings that had loud ‘barats’ or best sangeet ceremonies. But every Bengali Wedding they have ever seen has to have the best catering in Kolkata. 

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