IT Project Manager

How to Become an IT Project Manager

Before stepping into the core of the subject, you should be familiar with the role of a project manager in the IT industry,

An IT project manager is hired for the following purposes:

  • Finish projects by handling the resources and coordinating the schedules with user and data departments.
  • Ensure the company’s effectiveness and profitability by fulfilling tasks, achieving goals, providing values and delivering the best possible products.
  • Maintain the quality of the work, eliminating errors, striving for accuracy.
  • Communicating with the IT staff about the job, creating plans, making strategies and implement them to increase productivity.
  • Reviewing each and everything related to the project to identify mistakes and fix the same, and looking for further advancements.
  • Ensuring in time delivery of the project with maintaining the specifications mentioned by the client.
  • Motivate the team for a better output, encourage the employees to work harder.
  • Recruit employees, train them and use them correctly to bring out the desired results.
  • Keeping the team and himself or herself updated to the new technologies and the application of them.
  • Supervising the performance of each and everyone, to assess the employability.

What does it take to become an IT Project Manager?

To be able to manage an IT project you must acquire ample amount of knowledge on the topic of your choice both theoretical and practical, alongside this, you need a specific set of skills to execute the operations as an IT project manager, which are-

  • Determination and willingness to work harder, these project management exams are made to test your skill and knowledge, so it is recommended to have strong preparations.
  • Being updated with the industry, these days the world is highly competitive and adaptive, you should keep your skillset ready to face any situation.
  • Communication, team mentality and a habit of constant improvement in order to come out with the best product are the keys to become successful in the world of IT Project Management.
  • Ample amount of knowledge of the IT world and the day-to-day developments in technology are taking place across the globe.
  • Excellent leadership skills to motivate a team to go beyond the limits.
  • Putting the client over everything, fulfilling the client’s demands should be the main focus of an IT project manager.
  • Capable of identifying errors and taking the necessary steps to fix them.
  • Great time management skill is necessary, as you know, time is money and handling a team becomes harder when there are time limits.
  • Being innovative enough to find the possible way out, especially in situations where ordinary thinking will not work.
  • Being able to make strategies, strict decisions and changes to the project according to the circumstances without harming the workflow.
  • Costing is a major aspect of any project along with quality, so a good Project Manager should be able to reduce cost without compromising the quality, thus increase the profitability of the project.
  • Having hands-on experience in project management may be of around 3500 hours on an average depending upon your chosen segment if you are looking to authorize your competency as a project Manager of by getting certified.
  • Taking ample hours of online or offline classes, preferably 50 hours in the form of workshops, training, courses and seminars to gather ample knowledge of the selected qualification to appear in the certification examinations.

What are the best IT Project Manager certifications?

  1. CompTIA Project+
  2. Certified Associate In Project Management or CAPM
  3. Project Management Professional or PMP Certifications
  4. PRINCE 2
  5. Agile Certified Practitioner or ACP
  6. Certified Scrum Master or CSM

Certifications mentioned here, are only possible once you have enough practical experience and knowledge as an IT project manager, for some of the certifications you may have to pay and invest a lot of your time, but at the end, all of these worth an attempt, as your career as a project manager will reach to the new heights and a lot of benefits like money, higher designations, better opportunities, dignity will follow along.

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