4 Lesser-Known Facts To Score Better At NEET

In spite of an out-and-out preparation, some candidates do not obtain success at NEET to successfully get admissions in their dream colleges. Experts have suggested that it is not one or two but collectively, several reasons go on to cause this. In order for students to score better, we have listed down some reasons that could possibly ensure NEET aspirants perform much better and hassle-free at the exam. Scroll down to learn how following these tips can have an impact on your NEET score. 

While preparing for NEET, the manifested aspects are typically covered such as mastering NEET syllabus, solving questions papers, or NEET sample paper. However, the often ignored or trivial aspects (as per some aspirants), have turned out to be the governing points or driving facets affecting the performance of aspirants on the day of exam like nothing more. Listed down are 4 such points on which we would like to draw students’ attention, to focus on these, and hence perform much better at the exam. 

1. Time management skills

This factor tops the list, managing time is the most important aspect when it comes to clearing NEET or any competitive exam for that matter. Most students start off without maintaining a proper sense of time and at the end of 3 hours, one is left with no choice but to leave questions unattempted. Subsequently, marks are lost affecting NEET score.

NEET is about solving 180 questions in 180 minutes, 1 minute for 1 question. One must preset their minds. 40 questions out of 180, hardly go beyond 45 seconds for solving. The rest 140 questions, can be cracked within 30 seconds, considering their theoretical nature or simple numerical. With this time frame, one will have more than 2 minutes each for complicated problems. 

In order to improve your time management skills, the only way out is to take up many online mock tests, solve as many NEET sample papers and question papers as possible. It can effectively boost speed and enhance problem-solving skills while increasing accuracy. 

2. Approach Of Attempting 

NEET question paper is a blend of questions. It involves questions ranging from easy, moderate to challenging ones. Taking up hard questions at the first can be a bad idea as it demotes morale. As every type of question, be it easy or hard, carry the same mark, solve the easier ones first. It is a better strategy to follow the easier ones up with the moderate and then challenging questions. Coming to the sections, NEET has 3 sections – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Biology section carries the maximum marks, 360 marks. It is suggested to tackle this section first, Physics and then chemistry. Again, take up as many test series, mock tests to know your comfort areas, and see what suits you best. Include the aforementioned strategy and observe your performance.

3. Elude Negative Marking 

Mark saved from negative marking is a mark scored. Every incorrect response in NEET costs 1 mark. Hence, one must be sure before bubbling the OMR sheet with a response. Blind guessing is a strict no-no. Smart, calculated risks are advisable. 

4. Accurate Calculations 

It is a common practice observed that students do not tend to get the answer right for complicated computations within the stipulated time. It could be due to silly mistakes or the complex nature of the question. For accuracy, it is suggested that students solve more and more numerical questions and maintain a well-practised hand. Make it a habit to double-check your calculations and reduce the chances of committing mistakes. 

These were some points which NEET aspirants must focus on to score better at NEET. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for more related content. 

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