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Gaze At The Range of Testing Facilities Offered by LifeBrite Lawsuit Laboratory

Being one of the leading laboratory and medical service providers in the healthcare realm LifeBrite is offering a range of testing facilities including toxicology testing, blood-chemistry testing, respiratory panel testing, etc. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and coupled with the best technician around the world the LifeBrite lawsuit laboratory has the capability to test unique samples while maintaining precision.  In order to ensure the 100% accuracy in the testing of each and every patient, the laboratory is integrated with automated technology. In this blog, we will talk about the range of services for testing menus offered by LifeBrite. So without any further ado let’s jump into the section of the services

  • Toxicology Testing

Toxicology testing helps specialists and physicians monitor their patient’s overall health. Due to the increased number of illegal drug uses and the number of patients of drug abuse in the United States, the government is currently fighting with its best possible measure to reduce the number of drug abuse cases. And LifeBrite lawsuit laboratory is one of the reliable medical partners of physicians and healthcare professionals. It offers cost-efficient, flexible, and high standard reports on toxicology tests.  Despite the equipment is costly and laboratories cannot evade from using the top-notch equipment in order to ensure the precision. The cost of toxicology tests is much higher than any other test.  However, LifeBrite offers reliable testing facilities under an affordable shade. Also, its testing reports are available within a brief amount of time which helps physicians to start the diagnosis process as soon as possible.

  • Blood Chemistry Testing

Blood chemistry testing offers the overall testing of a patient.  This is to ensure that every hormone secretion is is under control and no gland is secreting over the required amount. This also helps in detecting diseases like diabetes and pre-diabetic stages.  According to the physician the prediabetic stages are when physicians can conduct a proper treatment in order to prevent type 2 diabetes. You can easily avoid the type two diabetes or the most life-threatening diseases around the world. 

  • Molecular Pathology Testing

Genetic testing or molecular pathology testing is the testings of DNA and genetic variations to understand a patient’s health well. The information from this test help to conduct the routine assessment and carrier testing, disease risk assessment, and optimization of drug treatments. Being a reliable national reference laboratory, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite is offering molecular pathology testing to help physicians and health care professionals to practice the precision of medication by incorporating the genetic profile to customize the diagnosis process. So, for each patient, there will be unique medication requirements.

  • Respiratory Pathogen Profile Testing

Respiratory pathogen profile testing helps to understand the infections that occurred in your respiratory panel. This integration is currently helping physicians to combat the recent pandemic COVID-19. Previously it was quite impossible to detect the symptoms of this disease. As a result, the number of cases was increasing. But now ith LifeBrite’s new integration, this can easily be detected and recovered soon. 

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