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What Are The Services Offered By Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO?

LifeBrite laboratory is one of the most reliable and specialized laboratories offering a range of services while maintaining the precision of each of their reports.  This is the reason for LifeBrite’s huge success within a brief amount of time. The laboratory is leading in the industry of healthcare by working hand in hand with physicians and patients. Coupled with the world’s best technicians and physicians they have garnered huge popularity over a snappy period of time.  Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO always has dedicated his life to the betterment of patients and achieved great excellence in the healthcare realm. He is dedicated to continuing to do so and the results are quite impressive as you can observe the facility offered by his laboratory LifeBrite is a game-changer for physicians. One of the crucial roles that the lab plays is to help physicians with their practices.  Whether you are a solo practitioner or group practitioner,  having a reliable laboratory is a prerequisite as it helps you to diagnose patients with precision. The best part of the laboratory is that it’s quick turnaround time,  range of test menu options,  EMR integration,  and above all the years-long experience is what make all the differences. 

In order to ensure precision and to avoid any slipups during the laboratory testing Christian Fletcher LifeBrite always has preferred to recruit only the quality stuff who are well trained to do the job. This is the reason why the laboratory is now COLS  accredited and CLIA certified and a national reference laboratory offering patients reliable, accurate, and confidential diagnostic testing for healthcare professionals, companies legal, and individuals. From the testing facilities, we will look into the range of services offered by the laboratory,

  • Pain Management

Due to the ageing issue, a lot of us have joint pain, arthritis, muscle pain, etc.  This requires undivided attention and care from the expert doctors in order to get rid of the pain.  That is the reason why LifeBrite serves as a compliance partner for medication to ensure that their patients and physicians are well protected and secured with their assurance.

  • Workers Comp

In order to provide a safe work environment and better productivity, LifeBrite also has a medication compliance program that ensures that physicians and patients are protected. Along with this, they also ensure that workers around the world are well protected as LifeBrite offers to test for drug abuse. 

  • GYN Treatment

Women’s health is one of the first priorities for Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO.  They have a couple of healthcare programs for women to take care of their health and regular screening programs to ensure that each of their organs is working great. 

  • Medication Reconciliation 

The medication reconciliation program of LifeBrite offers a property of a panel of in house physicians to reconcile the previous medications of polypharmacy patients.  This is to reduce the risk of adverse drug events.

  • Primary Care

Primary care is the priority work for the laboratory, therefore, they ensure that every patient is well taken care of and every issue is solved under expert guidance. 

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