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All you need to Know About: Fantasy Cricket Game Rules

The top-rated Fantasy Cricket game lets cricket gamers use their game techniques and skills in their most efficient way. But, the Fantasy Cricket game is governed by a handful of essential rules to be aware of before starting to play! There are many doubts about the cricket fantasy game we’ll answer everyone, and let you know the rules that you must observe! Now, let’s learn about how to play:

Match format is how you determine the points of a game.

A century or half for your player earns you points when you play fantasy cricket with Best Cricket Telegram Channels. Because the risk associated with T20s and ODIs are more heightened so the scores in these types are usually more than those in Test cricket. In a maiden game, T20 or ODI earns more points because the goal can be achieved. In Test matches, it is the goal to remain longer on the pitch, so run speed is not the determining aspect in this case.

What is the definition of the rating of the player, and what is the highest rating?

Every player selected is given a rating for their player, solely on the basis of how they performed this year (for example, the 1st XI Captain here, Tony Roberts has an excellent rating of 1000). So, as you can see that no fantasy aspect of the game is allowed to have ratings that exceed 7000.

What effect do boundary boundaries and their over-boundaries impact on the game?

If the player you choose hits boundaries or over-boundaries your chances of winning a match are significantly increased as you play cricket fantasy. Thus, you will score extra points when players hit either sixes or fours.

Fielding can earn your points.

Fielding is a key element when it comes to gaining points for your side when using the app for fantasy cricket. Because the fielder is able to keep runs in the game running out or making a catch-out can help you earn more points that aid in the overall play of the game.

What roles do Captains and Vice-Captains take in securing the win?

In fantasy cricket captains and vice-captains are able to have higher point weightage. Therefore, if you can verify the real-time results of the captain are excellent, you will get two more points. The vice-captain gets 1.5 times the points for the vice-captain.

What happens If there are not enough amount of winners?

In the event that there are multiple winners, or no team can meet the goals. The winnings are divided in a proportional manner for the selected players, or equally divided across the participants.

What is the fantasy cricket team comprised of?

A team fantasy cricket should comprise 5 batsmen, two All-Rounders, 1 Wicket Keeper, and 3 Bowlers who can help in winning the game. In addition, every team must include at minimum 2 youngsters in the fantasy cricket match.

The area of your most loved dream cricket match is the most well-known way for those who love cricket to play on their most enjoyable sports website and also win cash prizes on a daily basis!

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